Business IT Consultancy

Here at, we provide Information Technology consultancy to business and industry. Our consultants have decades of experience of implementing IT projects in wide variety of industries, including Cloud Computing, Finance, Re-insurance, Financial Fraud Detection, Social Networking, E-learning, Telecoms (call-centre, fixed and mobile), Aircraft Maintenance, Industrial SCADA, etc.

We bring technical direction and leadership to project functions with which we engage, including Requirements analysis, Architectural design, Quality Control and Assurance, Configuration Management, Prototyping and trail-blazing, Mentoring and training, etc. Our focus in these roles is always on achieving business goals, and on remaining agile enough to keep up with changing business environments.

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Open Source Software

As well as making use of open source software in the implementation of IT projects, we also publish open source software. Please see the Open Source Software Portal for further information and available downloads.

We are also contributors to the jython language. Jython is an open source implementation of the python computer language which runs on the Java platform. Because of its highly dynamic capabilities and its seamless integration with the Java Virtual Machine, jython is a popular dynamic language choice for use in Enterprise IT. You can read more about our jython work on our Jython Journeys blog.